Your Erroneous Zones

Have you listened to the podcast I released yesterday?

This is the book I mentioned that started me on the journey to living my best life. I’m so pleased that’s it’s still available and in so many formats.

The DreamBuilder Program is more effective because “choosing” to change is not as easy as it sounds and coaching and mentoring are essential to success.

As Wayne says in the introduction,
“Change is tough. If you’re like most people, every fiber of your being will resist having to take on the hard work of eliminating the thoughts that support your self-forfeiting feelings and behavior.

However, Wayne’s book provides a clear overview of the work that needs to be done and may open your eyes to some “common hours thinking” that you didn’t realize is preventing you from living with the peace, joy and fulfillment that you desire.

“The following twenty-five questions are designed to measure your capacity to choose happiness and fulfillment. Go through the questions as objectively as possible and assess yourself and how you live your present moments. “Yes” responses indicate personal mastery and effective choice-making.

Do you believe that your mind is your own? (Chapter I)
Are you capable of controlling your own feelings? (Chapter I)
Are you motivated from within rather than from without? (Chapter VII)
Are you free from the need for approval? (Chapter III)
Do you set up your own rules of conduct for yourself? (Chapter VII)
Are you free from the desire for justice and fairness? (Chapter VIII)
Can you accept yourself and avoid complaining? (Chapter II)
Are you free from hero worship? (Chapter VIII)
Are you a doer rather than a critic? (Chapter IX)
Do you welcome the mysterious and the unknown? (Chapter VI)
Can you avoid describing yourself in absolute terms? (Chapter IV)
Can you love yourself at all times? (Chapter II)
Can you grow your own roots? (Chapter X)
Have you eliminated all dependency relationships? (Chapter X)
Have you eliminated all blame and fault-finding in your life? (Chapter VII)
Are you free from ever feeling guilty? (Chapter V)
Are you able to avoid worrying about the future? (Chapter V)
Can you give and receive love? (Chapter II)
Can you avoid immobilizing anger in your life? (Chapter XI)
Have you eliminated procrastination as a life-style? (Chapter IX)
Have you learned to fail effectively? (Chapter VI)
Can you enjoy spontaneously without having a plan? (Chapter VI)
Can you appreciate and create humor? (Chapter XI)
Are you treated by others the way you want to be? (Chapter X)
Are you motivated by your potential for growth, rather than a need to repair your deficiencies? (Chapter I)

At any given moment of your life, you can choose to say yes to all of the questions above if you are willing to repeal many “shoulds” and “oughts” that you have learned throughout your life.

The real choice is whether you decide to be personally free or remain chained to the expectations that others have of you.”

And as I always say, are you willing to invest in yourself and invest in your dreams? You can be pushed by pain or pulled by a vision. When you are ready, book a complimentary Discovery Session and learn more about how it works 

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below…
Here’s to living a life you absolutely love! ❤️

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