Women Reinventing Themselves After 50

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I was searching on Google for some inspiring stories about women reinventing themselves in mid life and The Universe always delivers. I found this article from the Washington Post about EIGHT women who are reinventing themselves after the age of 50. They called it “Changing Channels.” Don’t you just love that?!

Changing Channels

image of hand with a remote controller and a blurred image of a TV in the background which represents women "changing channels" - stories of women reinventing themselves and going for the vision of what they would love in their lives.

“Millions of women wait years to fulfill their dreams — or to figure out what their dreams are.

I was one of those millions of women and that’s why I’m so passionate about the DreamBuilder Program. It made all the difference for me. Now it’s my greatest joy to help other ladies reinvent themselves and create lives of meaning and fulfillment.

Most people don’t share my passion for learning or my love of adventure and the idea of “reinventing themselves” can seem really overwhelming. That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to showing women that they CAN do it. I give them the tools and support they need to succeed. I hope this story will fuel YOUR passion.

Suzanne Watson, 57, Cincinnati – Became a doctor 25 years after being accepted to medical school

I encourage you to read the full story over at the Washington Post. I’m sharing highlights that demonstrate the foundational principles and practices of the DreamBuilder program as described in the Fast Start Guide. Get your copy here.

Spiritual Connection

Suzanne followed a spiritual calling to go into ministry and became an Episcopal priest. (#7 Getting in touch with the voice of “inspired insight” from your Higher Self and allowing It to guide your life.)

Honoring Your Longing And Discontent

She never forgot her dream to practice medicine and enrolled in med school when she was 50 after her son told her “to do it now or just shut up about it.” (#1 Honoring your longing and discontent and #8 Having “partners in believing.”)

The Value of “Partners in Believing”

On her first night of med school, she went to a mixer and found her classmates playing beer pong on the front lawn. She panicked, drove on by and then called her son from the car. “I can’t do it! I can’t go in!” And he said: “You’ve come this far. Just go in! Five minutes. Just go in for five minutes.” (#8 The importance of having “partners in believing” and #4 Managing fear -we don’t wait for the fear to go away. We learn how to develop a companionship with our fear so it’s not in the driver’s seat.

Facing Fear And Doing “The Thing” Anyway

She parked and walked up the driveway and one of them walked out to greet her to say they were sorry if they were making too much noise. They thought she was a neighbor. And she said, “I just wanted to introduce myself: I’m Suzanne, and I’m one of your classmates.” (#4 “Befriending your fear” means recognizing that fear is normal and learning to live with it.)

Living on “The Green Growing Edge of Your New Becoming”

When she walked into class the first day, the whole room quieted down because everybody thought she was the professor. Likewise with her medical school interviews; when she walked into the waiting room, everybody would go silent and sit up really straight, thinking she was the interviewer. (#4 Managing fear – viewing your present fear as a stepping stone to your new reality. You are stepping out of your comfort zone.)

Shifting Your Perspective

About being in her second year of medical residency she said, I think the least I’ve worked, per week, in the past three weeks is 77.5 hours. We’re capped at 80 hours. I’m a little tired, but sometimes I almost think that I do better than the younger residents because I was a mom, and once you’ve been a mom, you know how to go to sleep in a second and wake up in a second, and you know how to multitask and work even when you’re dead tired. I think maybe parenting gives that to you. AMEN SISTA! Let’s hear it for all the parents out there! (#5 Gratitude – when we stop focusing on lack and focus on recognizing abundance, we activate the Law of Attraction. There is some good in every situation but we may not be able to appreciate it until much later.)

Finding a Gift in Every Experience

Suzanne demonstrates how surviving something as traumatic and heart-wrenching as the suicide of a spouse, can be used to bring good about in this world. She didn’t let tragedy derail her. She used it to propel herself forward.

You Can Reinvent Yourself

I hope you are inspired by Suzanne’s story and feel motivated to reinvent yourself and take YOUR life to the next level.

If you are struggling to “Change Channels” and reinvent yourself, I can help. Learn more about coaching here.

Much love to you


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