Will Power Is Not Required

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Have you ever used willpower to achieve a goal and then felt like a failure because you gave up?

You are not alone and guess what…? There is nothing wrong with you! Most people use will power like a blunt-force instrument and they get mixed results or no results at all. 

Intense willpower can create some results, but results produced by mere intensity of willpower will only last as long as the compelling force continues. At some point we become exhausted and things fly back to their original state. Can you relate?

This is what happens to most people who make New Year’s resolutions. Data has shown that approximately 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by mid-February! 

There is a better way to use the power of your will that will make achieving your goals easier, more effective and more fun.

The true power of your will is in holding an idea on the screen of your mind and excluding all outside distractions. In other words… focusing on your vision of what you would love. 

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And here is the reason that works. When you use your will to focus on your vision, those visual images are installed in your subconscious mind. That’s where the power lies—being impressed upon the subconscious, because then it begins to be expressed in actions.

The energetic vibration of you visualizing and feeling the joy and gratitude for what you would love, sets up a very strong attractive force.  

When you use your will to focus on the picture, and hold it there, you create the channel, the highway for that power to flow into the subconscious and then manifest in your world.

What you are really doing is going to Spirit—or Universal Intelligence—for the power—it’s an ENERGY that creates the good that you desire. 

You are going to Spirit for the power to build the image you are imagining. You are allowing your good to flow into your life, rather than trying to force something to happen. Isn’t that great news!!!

As you develop your ability to concentrate and to hold one picture on the screen of your mind, you access a power that you can receive no other way.

You can force something for a short period of time, but when you allow the power of Universal Intelligence to move through you by concentrating on your vision of what you would love, you have access to a completely different level of power.

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Take a deep breath, and bring to mind the picture of the life that you’re imagining. Just bring it to mind, and imaginally move inside of it. Keep that focus. You’re using a power right now that requires no force. It’s something that pulls you forward because you love this image, so dwell inside this image in your mind.

If you were living the life you’re imagining, you would feel grateful. So you use your will to establish the vibration of gratitude. The function of your will power is to keep the imagination centered in the right direction.  

Using your will power in this way is one of the most important factors in the achievement of your goals and the life you would truly love. 

So the practice is to read your vision statement every day, visualize yourself living it, feel the gratitude and joy. 

Then act like that woman you see. Do those things she does. Dress like her. Talk like her. Be her.  

Keep noticing what you’re noticing and use the power of your will to stay focused on your vision, taking baby steps and living as if it is all accomplished. It’s fun and and effective! 

I’m eager to hear about your results. Share in the blog comments or just reply to this email. 

Here’s to creating the life of your dreams with the power of your imagination.


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