We Can Live in Joy While Having A Vision for More Good

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I live in joy and have a vision for more good at the same time.  I experience the Joy of the moment and appreciate how Divine Love is presently blessing my world in its myriad of ways.  Having vision calls forth that greater aspect of myself and is also a gift.  It’s the gift of expansion and newness and adventure. I am the gift of creation as it works through me, as me.

There is so much joy in creation.  It is Divine Love in action expressing through me.  Being in the flow, creates a fresh revitalizing experience of life.  The balance of Joy and Vision is a great combination.  Vision keeps me from getting stuck in life, and Joy,  with its celebration and appreciative energy, makes the vision manifest.  It’s the honoring of the Presence in the present moment while being open to the greater good to be manifested.

Where is my present joy?  What Vision is calling you to dance with Divine Love?

I live in joy and manifest my vision with ease and grace.

— Inspired by  The Joyous Journal  January 6 —

Sharing is caring!

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