We are Linked to the Power of The Divine

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Today’s Daily Word shares an inspiring quote by author and minister Rev. Ed Townley in his unity.org feature, “Interpret This, “It is in the heart—what Jesus describes as ‘the upper room’—that we can most clearly and purely link ourselves to the presence and power of the Divine. All love, all life, all possibilities for joy and abundance, are sourced in that heart energy.”

Isn’t it empowering to know that our dreams actually come from Divine Source within us! We are meant to achieve the longings of our hearts!

As we open ourselves to the presence and power of The Divine, and do the Dream Builder practices that allow our dreams to manifest, we express more love, more joy and more abundance in the world. This not only serves us, but it inspires others to follow their hearts and achieve their dreams. And the world becomes a better place – one successful Dream Builder at a time!

Today, let’s focus on our link with the presence and power of The Divine and live from that powerful heart energy.
In Joy!

Sharing is caring!

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