Veterans Day Gratitude

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It’s Veterans Day here in the United States. It’s a day we set aside to thank and honor all those living and passed who serve in the military during times of war and of peace.

Today express our gratitude to them and their families for their sacrifice and great service in protecting our freedom to pursue our dreams and live our best lives.

It’s easy to take our freedom for granted. So today we remember that at this very moment we have the freedom to pursue any dream we desire.

Right here today is the perfect day to acknowledge and celebrate our freedom.

In the United States we have choices, freedoms, liberties

  • to create lives we love
  • to create family lives we love
  • to start a business or decide to work for someone else or to not work at all
  • to write a book on any topic we choose
  • to create a marriage based on values that are important to us
  • to raise our children the way we believe is right
  • to worship as we choose
  • to feed our body any food we want
  • to dream any dream that we want for our lives

So right now, I invite you to close your eyes, take a breath and feel gratitude and appreciation in your heart center as you think back to 1776 when brave citizen-soldiers fought for the ideal of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

And think of all the others who have laid their lives on the line again and again and again so that this Veterans Day we enjoy freedom in so many ways.

Many people outside the United States enjoy tremendous freedom also. You may not have the same Veterans Day we do but you can give thanks to those who have served to provide the freedoms that you enjoy as well.

We can all choose to not just be free, but to actually take advantage of our freedom by taking action.

We can honor all Veterans by not taking freedom for granted. We can honor them by taking full advantage of all the opportunities they have fought for.

Honoring you dreams and living your best life, honors our Veterans’s by proving that their sacrifices are worthwhile.

And living from a state of gratitude today and every day is one of the keys to creating a happier and more fulfilling and abundant life.

So which of your freedoms are you most grateful for today?

How are you going to honor our Veterans by taking advantage of your freedom?

What’s one step you can take today in the service of your dreams?

I’d love to read your answers in the comment section below

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