Make Yourself Happy Now, “Um, Really?”

rainbow colors and clouds and rose colored glasses with title text, "Make Yourself Happy Now, Um, Really?"

When I say, “Make yourself happy now,” do you think, “um, really?

If you feel some resistance, I totally understand because I used to think, “That’s ridiculous! You can’t just ‘make yourself happy’ and, anyway, it’s unrealistic to be happy all the time. In fact it could be harmful. If we weren’t unhappy, we would just be ‘happy idiots’ and not take action to try and change things.”

What resistant thoughts or beliefs come to YOUR mind?

Here are some common thoughts:

  • “Make yourself happy” sounds kind of selfish.
  • What would people think?
  • Maybe that’s just a bunch of airy fairy nonsense.
  • If I were happy all the time, I wouldn’t do things I’m supposed to do.
  • You can’t just look at life through rose colored glasses.
  • I should just be grateful for what I have. 

Thoughts like these come from our paradigm. A paradigm is a system of beliefs, ideas, values, and habits that were programmed into our subconscious mind as we were growing up.

The DreamBuilder Program showed me that none of these thoughts are true. One of the foundational principles of DreamBuilding is that our Creator designed us to be happy and has provided all the resources we need in order to enjoy life and be a blessing to others. 

It’s Your Duty To make yourself happy

Not only are we created to be happy but it’s our duty, because our happiness and joy light up the world and inspire others to be happy and fulfilled also.

We have been given unique talents and abilities to share — a life purpose. Our feelings of joy and peace are signals that we are on the right path. Our feelings of longing and discontent are nudges to get back on course.

At the same time, we have a paradigm with all kinds of fear based ideas that were programmed into us by other humans. “The voice of fear” will suggest lots of reasons why we shouldn’t make ourselves happy. It will try to talk us out of it. It will try to distract us. It will even try to scare us. 

And this may surprise you, but I still hear that voice from time to time.  Yep, it doesn’t ever go away completely. But DreamBuilders learn how to manage it. WHAT A RELIEF!!!

We “befriend our fear of change.” Fear is like a companion on our life’s journey. We just don’t let it sit in the driver’s seat (or even choose the music or snacks).

How to Make Yourself Happy All the Time

When that voice of fear pops up and starts telling you that it’s not OK to “make yourself happy,” here’s what you do…

  • Tell it “not now.” 
  • Focus on your vision for a life of happiness and fulfillment. 
  • Feel how it feels to be living that life. 
  • Notice how happy and energized you feel.
  • Then take an action step in the service of your dream.

That puts you back in the driver’s seat and gets you where you want to go.

Don’t Settle for a Mediocre Life

You were not created to have a mediocre life. You were created to live a life you absolutely love, to experience continual joy and peace — to make yourself happy now .

Life is too precious and too short to waste on being unhappy and unfulfilled. 

So, here’s to staying focused on your vision, taking consistent action and enjoying the journey! 


Believing in you and your dreams.



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