Turning Toward Love

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This is my path…the path of love.  I is my meditation practice each morning to send love to my thoughts until they still, and then I rest in my connection with the vibration of love–my connection with The Beloved, that answers all my questions and guides and directs me.

Today’s lesson from Science of Mind Magazine, March 2012 expresses it so beautifully.

There is gentle power in turning toward Love in every situation.  This simple practice develops an ever-deepening awareness of your spiritual nature.  It turns you toward Love instead of fear, clarity instead of confusion, acceptance instead of judgment.  Once you begin this practice, you may begin to experience

  • the ability to let go of a comment that would have upset you in the past,
  • a sense of gratitude at something as simple as taking a shower,
  • freedom from the old belief that used to trigger you,
  • and the joy that comes from liking who you see in the mirror,

Welcome to the world of the Beloved One, the God of your understanding.  It is your world–it always has been.  Your true Self has never been hurt, frightened, angry, or victimized.  it sits like a vast reservoir of harmony and joy within you.  It is your greatest cheerleader.  In any moment, an awareness of this great inner Love guides you to your happiest, most fulfilled life, one tiny step at a time.  Slowly, as you consciously shift your focus, your perception and thoughts begin to change, your attitude brightens, and new patterns of behavior take your down a road of joy, abundance, creativity, an self-worth.

Give yourself the greatest gift of all today–the awareness that Love is where you are.  It is who you are.  It lives through you , as you.  Give it a try!  It will change you life.

Affirmation:  Today, I use every opportunity to turn toward the Love that is the truth of who I am.  I move though my day gently and with grace, I am Love.

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