Transform the Transgression

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Rev. Christian and Rev. Welda have a way of explaining spiritual principles so clearly.  I just loved this:


Transform the Transgression
Mistakes and miscalculations that you or others have made most often come from lack, fear, or poor awareness. They are not calling for reprimand, but are calls for love and compassion. Mentally abusing yourself for a dumb move doesn’t make anything better. Try loving yourself if you want to transform the transgression. If at the time you had known better, you would have done better. Everyone who has lived has committed his/her share of blunders.

You can keep beating yourself up until you are no longer living joyously and your health comes into question, or you can forgive yourself or another and be free of internal conflict. It’s not your job to be the judge of the universe. Everyone has a past. What is important is what lies before you and what you are going to do today to brighten the world. Learning from your living is a good thing. Dragging the heavy mental memories from yesterday into the bright, new day being offered to you may no longer be your wisest choice. You are a child of God, forgiven and loved. Find the Peace that passes understanding.

Reflection: What past blunders still haunt your memory? Love yourself, look at it from that Love and let this Love transform it, and you’ll find the Peace that passes understanding.

Affirmation: I am free!

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