The Three Obstacles to Living Your Best Life and How to Overcome Them

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There are three obstacles to living your best life that you might need to overcome. Even though everyone wants more out of life, very few achieve it. Even if they have gone so far as to define their dream or a specific goal, they don’t know how to turn that dream into a reality. In this article you’re going to learn the obstacles to living your best life and how to overcome them. so that you can finally achieve the success you deserve and help others do the same.

Obstacle # 1 to Living Your Best Life – Lack of Awareness

The first obstacle to living your best life is not realizing that you have the power to create a life you love. People tend to think life just happens to them. They think they are at the effect of circumstances beyond their control, that it’s the economy’s fault, or their upbringing or their health. But the truth is that they are creating the circumstances in their lives whether they like it or not. They just don’t realize their power and they don’t know how to harness it. Doesn’t that make you feel sad? To realize how many people are unhappy and unfulfilled just because they don’t know any better?

How to Overcome Lack of Awareness

The solution is to get the Fast Start Guide that’s available for no charge here on the website. It explains the basic principles of the tested and proven DreamBuilder system and has powerful practices that will give you some quick results. In addition to receiving the Fast Start Guide, you will receive weekly emails to inspire you to keep taking action. You will be able to get all your questions answered and have an opportunity to be a guest on the podcast and experience what it’s like to work with me as a coach. 

I think everyone should at least be introduced to the idea that they are more powerful than they realize and that they can overcome any circumstance, situation or condition and achieve any dream, no matter how big it is. Don’t you? 

Even if you decide not to take advantage of the tools, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that I tried to help. Perhaps a seed was planted that will sprout at a later date.

Obstacle #2 to Living Your Best Life – Lack of Belief In the Law of Attraction

The second obstacle to living your best life is knowing about the Law of Attraction or the Spiritual Laws of Success but not believing in it. Some people think it’s just woo-woo, or they have tried to use it and failed.

When I sense that people feel really strongly about it then I just let it go. There’s not much that one can do in these cases because they won’t be receptive and there’s nothing to be gained by arguing about it. 

How to Overcome Lack of Belief in The Law of Attraction

On the other hand, if I think they might be receptive, I explain that there is a growing body of scientific evidence that it works and I will send them links to articles on my blog. You can type “Law of Attraction” in the search box and see all the posts on one page. You can copy and paste the link into an email and share with friends and relatives too..

Obstacle #3 to Living Your Best Life – Not Doing the Daily Practice

The third reason that people don’t manifest their desires is that, even though they believe it’s possible, they aren’t following through with the daily practice. This is probably the most common reason and the most disturbing to me because they are so close to having everything they desire.

The challenge is that our survival instinct is to resist change and our subconscious programming operates on automatic pilot. It takes a certain level of determination to  stay conscious of our habitual thoughts, behavior and results so that we can change them.

Many years ago, one of my mentors, a minister at the Center for Spiritual Living in Ukiah, California, said that her job was to figure out how many different ways she could teach “change your thinking, change your life.”  I thought that was pretty funny at the time and it’s ironic that I’m doing the same thing! 

However, knowing that the key to changing your life is to change your thinking, is only the first step. It’s a very important step because it creates the faith and motivation to change. But It’s the daily application of a few simple practices that actually change our thinking and create the results we desire.

“Information Without Action Is Merely Entertainment.”

Mary Morrissey, the creator of the DreamBuilder Program likes to say, “Information without action is merely entertainment.” 

How to Overcome a Lack of Action

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So now you know the three Obstacles to living your best life and how to overcome them.

Whenever you are on your the path to living your best life, I’m here for you.

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Here’s to overcoming the obstacles and living your best life now!

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