How to Live a More Joy-filled Life

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image of Roger Teel with his book, This Life Is Joy

Yay! An Instruction Manual for a More Joy-filled Life!

Roger Teel’s book This Life Is Joy is promoted as a”fun instruction manual for living a more joy-filled and authentic life” and it didn’t disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you.

As described on Amazon, Teel is “one of the most admired spiritual teachers in the country, this book shows us how every moment, every experience, and every person can be an opening for our soul–to greater understanding, more peace and joy, and an overwhelming experience of love.

Divided into three easy-to-use parts

  • Tells a fable that puts our spiritual journey into context. 
  • Discusses the seven spiritual principles that are universal to all of the world’s wisdom traditions, becoming a map into our purpose and destiny.
  • Shows how nine specific challenges and difficulties (like fear, illness, and change) can be transformed into stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.

The Spiritual Principles AND Practical Application

Each chapter also includes three parts: the Essence, the Experience, and the Expression. The Essence gives the spiritual teaching behind each principle, the Experience tells a story, illustrating the principles from Dr. Teel’s own life or the life of one of his many followers, and the Expression gives specific instructions for readers to embody that principle for themselves.

Filled with advice that can only come from a lifetime of practicing these traditions, this book will be a unique and indispensable guide to people who want more from their lives.

How The Book Inspired Me

The reason I like his work so much is that he is able to integrate the teachings of Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, A Course in Miracles, The Bible, the findings of modern Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction. I have studied all of these and found great wisdom, guidance and effective practices in each.

In Chapter 8, This Fear Is Friend, Teal says, “…there is never certainty, security, or permanency in the outer world of people, things, and circumstances. Security can only be found within…”

As I was meditating on what I read, The” Voice for Love” said to me, “Security can only come from faith in God (Spirit,Source,Divine Love) to guide, provide and protect you.”  

I have have been able to do that by reading many books, focusing on many affirmations and, most importantly meditating to hear the “that Still Small Voice.” My affirmation for that day was “All is revealed to me.” 

What Do You Think?

Do you have a practice for overcoming fear and living in joy? Share with us in the comments.

Here’s to living a joy-filled, inspired life!



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