There Are Always Positive Choices For Us

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I went to the gym to ride a bike yesterday because the weather has been too windy to ride outside.  Looking at the bank of TV’s hanging from the ceiling is always so disturbing to me. There’s never anything I want to watch and many shows I would like to avoid — so much negative energy!  Bad news, conflict, drama and stress.

I found myself wishing there were positive channels available like Unity Online Radio and thousands of podcasts and YouTube Channels.  Even though there are some spiritual and uplifting programs at certain times of the day, there aren’t any stations that a gym could just set and forget.  

So I plug in my mobile phone, play some energizing tunes on Amazon music and go to my happy place while ignoring the TV’s.  I feel so grateful that we all have the option to listen to programs and music of our choice using mobile devices. And at home we can use our TVs to watch content from the internet instead of the regular TV broadcasts.  

This is Technology at its finest. Giving us more choices. Everyone has an opportunity to broadcast uplifting, positive messages and consumers have the opportunity to vote with their time and attention.

As we put our time and attention on the positive, more positive programming will be produced.  The shows with the largest audiences get placement rankings and the advertising dollars.

“Where energy goes, energy flows.”  It’s all about choices. That which we focus on expands.  

So I’m back in a state of Joy now, as I release all negative thinking and focus on the fact that

  • We always have choices!   
  • We are empowered and guided by Divine Love within us.  
  • There are spiritual solutions to every challenge.  
  • There are always positive choices available.  
  • Life is so good!  

And I am so grateful.  

Thank you God!

What are your’e faves for positive media?  Share with us in the comments below.

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