The Universe Is Programmed to Support Your Happiness

Image of the words "Positive Vibes" written in the sand

The Universe is programmed to support your happiness.

Anytime you don’t feel joyful and at peace, it’s because you’re giving your attention to something that is in opposition to Life.

It’s Not Your Fault

It’s not your fault. You have been taught that fear and unhappiness will motivate you to take care of yourself — that anticipating negative consequences will protect you.

Embrace the Truth

But the truth is that none of this is necessary. When you embrace the truth, you will be free and empowered to have everything you desire. You will choose joy and peace and that will become your experience.

Feelings of Unhappiness are Good News

Feelings of longing and discontent are “good news” because they are reminding you to choose different thoughts, to stay focused on what you DO want — complete happiness.

Your thoughts create your reality and YOU are in charge. How liberating to know this and what fun to create a life you love in this way! It’s simple, easy and fun!

Choose Happiness

The Universe is programmed to support your happiness. All you have to do is choose to be happy. Notice what you’re thinking and keep reminding yourself that The Universe is programmed to support your happiness.

Share Your Results

Try this and let me know what happens. Post in the comments section.


“Today I am choosing the joy, peace and happiness I am meant to have and the Universe supports me.”

Believing in you and your dreams,


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