The Universe is Conspiring to Awaken and Heal You

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One of my favorite sources of inspiration and truth is The Way of Mastery by Jon Marc Hammer.  His work is similar to A Course in Miracles, but; to me, it is simpler, lighter and more enjoyable.  As I was planning my day with Spirit this morning, I was led to some notes I had made on The Way of Mastery and I was reminded how much I love this daily practice.  Try it.  It will rock your world.

The universe is literally helping to assist you into having experiences that will bring things up for you so that you can choose to look at them differently; thereby, discovering the great power within you—the freedom within you to choose what you want to perceive and to elicit only what you want to feel.  So that even if nails are being driven through the hands, you finally are liberated in the power to choose Love, and therefore, to overcome this world.

…understand that each of your days is a blessing and a gift, if you use it from the full commitment to awakening.  Your day is chock full of a million opportunities to discover a deeper truth.  Therefore, never feel that the purpose of your life must be something other than what you are involved in.

You are literally creating everything you choose

And nothing is forced upon you.

It literally means that if you have decided you want to awaken, you have already called to yourself every experience that can truly best serve your awakening.  …people that you have relationships with are those who likewise can best gain from the experiences elicited through relationship with you.  It means right here and now you are already demonstrating the power that you are seeking—the power to truly choose to awaken, and to command the whole of creation to serve you in that awakening.

…when you awaken in each of your mornings look around…they are messengers of God.  Because your mind is resting right next to the Mind of God, …when you first said as a soul, “I want to awaken, I want to go home,” the Father answered your prayer and began to send the thought through your Spirit and through your soul to your conscious mind.

I know how to direct you home.

Give up this career and start that one.

Move from this location to that location.

You began to feel all manner of impulses.  You began to read different books.  You began to do different things.  You met someone and fell in love.  All by accident?  Hardly!

The result is that you ordinary life is the most perfect ashram you could ever be within.  It is the holy city to which it is wise to make pilgrimage every day, which means to bring awareness and commitment to exactly what you are experiencing.  To be thankful for it, to bless it, to embrace it, to be vigilant and to be mindful:

What is this moment teaching me?

Extraordinary things are occurring in which the whole of the universe is conspiring, which means to “breathe together.”  The universe is conspiring with you to awaken you and to heal you.  Trust it!  Love it! 

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