The Ultimate Life Mastery Mentor, Dr. Edie Eger (92!)

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These interviews will blow your mind! A survivor of unspeakable trauma while in Auschwitz, Dr. Edie, (92-years-old) is my favorite teacher of all time. Listen in and you’ll see what I mean.

With Lewis Howes

With Marie Forleo

The principles and practices she teaches are in the DreamBuilder Program, but Dr. Edie has taken it all to a whole new level. She is THE MASTER of overcoming any circumstance, situation or condition, living your purpose and creating a life filled with love and fulfillment. I’m so grateful for her, her books, and all her amazing work in the world.

Her books:

The Choice: Embrace the Possible

The Gift, 12 Lesson to Save Your Life

I invite you to share your takeaways in the comments. There are so many gems!

Here’s to living a life you absolutely love…no matter what!

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