The Power of Vision!

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Happy New Year!

How do you feel about new year’s resolutions? Did you make any this year?

I want you to know that there is a system you can use to overcome any challenge and reach any goal, no matter how big it seems and it’s way more fun and more effective than new year’s resolutions.


  • Are you feeling a nudge to get serious about losing weight or improving your general health?
  • Are you longing to do work you love?
  • Do you yearn for more fulfillment by sharing a passion, special skill, or wisdom and experience as a volunteer?
  • Are you lacking sufficient income or free time to do what you would love?
  • Has your marriage become hum drum and stale?
  • Are you widowed or divorced and longing for love and intimacy with a quality partner or husband?
  • Are you having issues with family members?

The DreamBuilderⓇ Program I teach has been tested, proven, and getting results for people for over 40 years and I want you to have this powerful DreamBuilding tool:


Most people have a general idea of what they want, but very few have a crystal clear picture of what they want.


What we know now about the human brain, is that when we’re crystal clear about what we want, we notice opportunities and resources that we would have missed otherwise.

So I want you to suspend any urge to figure out HOW this result is going to happen. Simply focus on what you would love…as if someone has given you a magic wand and you can create exactly what you want.

This is very different from

What do I think I can do?
What does my current situation say I can do?
What do other people think I should do?”

Just lean into the question, “What would I love in this area of my life?

Imagine you are getting into a time machine and traveling THREE YEARS into the future. It’s 2026, and everything you desire has materialized. (Using three years makes it less likely that your mind will argue with you about the possibility of it happening.) LOL

Across the top of a piece of paper, write:


If you couldn’t fail, what would you love your life to be like?

Take a deep breath, and imagine it’s three years from today…

ALL your challenges are solved and it was actually easier than you thought it would be.

What great things are occurring for you?
What experiences are you having?
Are there specific sounds? Smells? Tastes?
Who are you with?
See it in vivid detail.
How does it feel? FEEL IT! Feel the joy in your heart. Feel the gratitude for this great life you are living.

Write Your Vision Statement

Now, in your journal, or legal pad or paper, write out a Vision Statement.

Write as much as you can, painting a beautiful, VIVID picture of the life you are imagining. You are in the year 2026. Write it in the present tense as if it’s happening now. “I’m so happy and grateful now that…”

Did you come up with some ideas that haven’t come up before
Did you get some additional clarity?
Did you quickly run out of ideas? You didn’t know what you wanted next for your life?

Reply in the comments and let me know.

It’s all good. This is a great start.

We haven’t been encouraged to dream, in fact we’ve been hindered. Like any new skill, it becomes easier and more fun with practice.

You’re on your way!

Your vision statement is a living document and can be added to and changed at any time.

This is the foundation of creating a life you truly love living

You probably don’t know how this dream is going to happen, and that’s perfectly fine.

Great Dream Builders are willing to suspend the need to know how at the beginning of the process.

Don’t worry, the answers will come.

Read your Vision Statement every morning when you wake up and ideas will come to you.

If you would like me to go over your vision statement with you and “calibrate” it for maximum power, sign up for the DreamBuilder program now (Enrollment closes at 24 students or midnight on Jan 3, whichever comes first.)

Here’s to feeling happy, prosperous and free in 2023!

Much love,


P.S. Lesson 1 in the The DreamBuilderⓇ Course is about The Power Within You Greater Than Anything in Your Circumstances and how to reveal to yourself what you truly want to be, do, create or give — without the limitations of time, education, and money. You can dive right in before the first class on Jan 4 if you’d like. Sign up here.

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