The Key to Mental Peace

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Are you longing for more peace in your life? It’s totally possible to have it. It’s a simple matter of managing our thinking.

Modern brain research is proving this to be true. As Dr. Caroline Leaf says in her most recent book, Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess:

“You can go three weeks without food, three days without water, and three minutes without air but you cannot go three seconds without thinking. 

So understanding how the mind works and what mind management is should be your top priority. 

Mind management of your thoughts is a skill that needs to be learned and made into a habit much like you learn how to swim or ride a bicycle. 

Mind-management is the key to mental peace that will sustain you through tough times and happy times.”

Notice What You Are Noticing

The DreamBuilder Program offers powerful tools for mind management. Last week I shared the practice of “noticing what you are noticing,” staying focused on your vision, taking action and acting as if it has already manifested.  

This technique of “noticing what you are noticing” can be used for peace of mind as well. 

When you notice that you are not feeling happy and peaceful, pause and notice what thoughts are causing that feeling.

Is That True?

Then ask yourself, ”is it true?” You’ll find that soooo many of our negative, worry thoughts are about things that aren’t even true, or real. They are just thoughts from our past or from other people in our environment.

After recognizing the specific thought behind the feeling, choose a better-feeling thought. Yes, you can choose, and you must. Because your thoughts create your results!

The new, empowering thought needs to be something you actually believe. Take your time and come up with a thought that you believe and that feels good. Check in with your body and how it feels when you think that thought. Your thoughts cause your body to generate hormones that will affect how you feel. It’s a great bio-feedback system so take advantage of it.

The Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are very powerful too. They really do work when they are thoughts that you truly believe and that cause positive emotions. Use affirmations that bring you peace and joy. 

My clients choose an affirmation to focus on everyday. You can focus on the same affirmation for more than one day – until you have completely internalized it or it doesn’t light you up anymore.  You can even just use a word, like “peace” or “success.” Whatever raises your energetic vibration, feels true and makes you happy.

Not only is this an effective way to reprogram your subconscious mind, but affirmations help you deal with challenging situations that arise in your day-to-day life. 

Mind Management Becomes Second Nature

Making a habit of mind management just takes practice and it will become second nature, like learning to do a new dance, cooking a new recipe or playing a new sport.

Check in frequently and see how you are feeling and what you are thinking? Are you peaceful and happy? 

Set alarms on your phone to remind you or choose a cue in your environment like every time you touch a door knob, or every time you eat or drink something.

A Sense of Freedom And Adventure

Remember how excited you were when you learned to drive a car? The sense of freedom and adventure?  You didn’t mind the practice it required because of the great benefits it offered. You can create that same sense of freedom and adventure about transforming your life! 

Always Remember

  • Peace and happiness are a choice.
  • You are in charge
  • The law of the Universe brings your thoughts into reality.  

Share Your Results

I invite you to try these practices this week let me know how it goes.

  • What cues are you using to “notice what you are noticing?” 
  • What are your favorite affirmations?
  • Do you have any questions? 

Share in the comments below.

Here’s to living a life filled with peace and happiness!

Much love to you,


Your Next Step

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