The Importance of Spiritual Connection

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Joel Goldsmith is another of my favorite teachers.  His practice is rooted in a metaphysical interpretation of the teachings of The Bible and he considers Jesus to be a master teacher and mentor.  In Chapter One of The Art of Spiritual Healing, he clearly explains the importance of connecting with your inner wisdom.  He calls it God, but you can substitute any word that resonates with you.  The truth remains the same.

“Man will find that even when all physical, mental, moral, or financial discords have been eliminated there will still be an inner unrest.  Man will still not be at peace with himself.  No one will ever be completely whole until he finds himself at home in God.   The harmony of man’s being is achieved only when he finds God, when he arrives at an inner communion with that which is greater than himself.”

Many people will not have this realization until they have been able to achieve all their material desires.  There are many techniques for learning how to manifest material things.  The value in being able to demonstrate what one wants, is in developing a sense of personal power, and proof that there is a force operating for our good.  However real peace will be achieved when as Goldsmith says,

“Spiritual healing is much more than a purely physical experience or even a mental experience:  Healing is finding an inner communion with something greater, far greater, than anything in the world; it is finding ourselves in God, finding ourselves in a spiritual peace, and inner peace, and inner glow all of which comes to us with the realization of God with us, the presence and power of god felt.

When the man responded, it meant that he was lifted into a new dimension of consciousness, one in which his physical limitations did not operate.”

With a consistent meditation practice, like Hearing The Voice for Love, we are able to get direction for all our material needs and the knowing that all our needs are always met.  It’s a really fun and rewarding process.

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