The Christ and the Quantum

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What if “The Christ” was the same as The Observer affecting “The Quantum Field.”  The world set in motion by The Creator and “giving us dominion” by The Law of Attraction and the Inner Voice.  The goal being expansion, evolution, creativity.  That creation is still going on through us and would be a gentle and happy process if we listened to inner guidance.  This is the key to bringing Religion and Science together…the same concepts with different vocabulary, but it’s all God, or Creator, or Source or something higher.  God set it in motion and the inner voice is the guidance system.  Makes perfect sense.

Fear is a native protective device that signals caution but only a signal to stop for a minute and tune in to the inner voice for guidance.  Fear, or Ego, are tools, not villians.  We just need to learn to use them properly as part of our guidance system.

Many people are teaching this principle with different vocabulary because the traditional churches have messed things up.  It doesn’t matter whose system is right, it’s all the same concepts.  The challenge is for people to make a decision and live it.  It’s in THE PRACTICE!  After choosing a system, one must learn how to handle Ego and fear, access the inner guidance, trust it and follow through with appropriate action.  Whatever system or group keeps the individual on track is great.

Bottom line…

  1. We have the power to control what happens
  2. Inner guidance will insure that we make the right things happen
  3. All is working for our highest and best
  4. Fear is a guidance system…innocuous and a helpful tool
  5. We are all one so we have to allow things to fall into place…there are factors and people involved that we cannot see from our own perspective. (“God’s timing”)
  6. We are all one, so our thoughts and energy affect others.  Living in peace and joy affects others positively on an energetic level as well as ourselves.

There is no need to argue or debate.  Just do the practice that resonates with us, live in peace and joy and there will be heaven on earth.

Sharing is caring!

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