Podcast #8: DreamBuilder Workshop Pt. 2 Mary’s Story

This podcast is the second in a 3 part series based on my 3 Hour Workshop. And you’re going to learn some foundational principles of the tested, proven, reliable DreamBuilder system and be given some transformational exercises so you can experience the benefits. Continue reading Podcast #8: DreamBuilder Workshop Pt. 2 Mary’s Story

#7 DreamBuilder Workshop Pt.1

Welcome to the Dream Big and Bloom Podcast #7 Hi, I’m Mardi Lynn, certified Dream Builder Coach and I teach women over 60 like me, how to Dream Big and Bloom…that means to envision what they really want out of life and to not settle.  You can learn more at my website and blog at DreamBigAndBloom.com Although I specialize in helping women over 60 who … Continue reading #7 DreamBuilder Workshop Pt.1