Affirmation: Love and Acceptance

My Affirmation for today I am non-judgemental, compassionate and loving toward everyone. I accept that they’re on their own path and that’s perfectly fine. I love my work and my daily life. I’m so loving! And I have boundaries to respect myself and take care of myself. I shine my light and share my talents with generosity and joy. I am peaceful, joyful and confident … Continue reading Affirmation: Love and Acceptance

Jesus, the ultimate example of Love and forgiveness

I See Innocence and Love

An Affirmative Prayer for A Course In Miracles Lesson 78 As I speak these words in the first person, know them as the truth for you also, because we are all one. There is only one power, God, Divine Love. I am one with the love and power of God. I see with the eyes of God. I look beyond the body and any race … Continue reading I See Innocence and Love

New Class starting April 19th

Is it time to move from being just a Spiritual Seeker to being a Spiritual Finder? To advance from a place of intellectual knowing to that of a deeper, more heart-felt experience of God and your True Inner Voice – the Voice for Love?  Learn to more easily access your Inner Wisdom and Divine Guidance. The Voice For Love 5-Step Meditation Workshops 11:15 AM to … Continue reading New Class starting April 19th