It’s never to late to grow and enjoy all life has to offer. “Believe in what you feel inside And give your dreams the wings to fly You have everything you need If you just believe.” And remember that you have me when you need help. … More Believe!

Happy New Year!

My adaptation of an inspiration from two wonderful spiritual teachers. I adapted it for myself to use as my thought for the New Year.  Enjoy! “This past year, we have done good and given love. We have accomplished, created, and enjoyed things. Now is the time to find every ounce of good, and praise it … More Happy New Year!

Bicycling Nirvana

Just finished the most amazing bike ride Sun peaking through fluffy white clouds So inspiring! And then the gray clouds started weeping with joy and it rained Pure magic! It was hard to stop but I was getting cold. lol I’m soaking wet and such a happy, happy girl. May you find as much joy … More Bicycling Nirvana