A Simple Solution for Everything

I take some time every morning to read something uplifting, do a short meditation and have a little “conversation with God,” either in my mind or by writing in my journal.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  Even 5 minutes on awakening, can make a huge difference in how the day goes.  It really works! Make it a great day.  You are … Continue reading A Simple Solution for Everything

New Class starting April 19th

Is it time to move from being just a Spiritual Seeker to being a Spiritual Finder? To advance from a place of intellectual knowing to that of a deeper, more heart-felt experience of God and your True Inner Voice – the Voice for Love?  Learn to more easily access your Inner Wisdom and Divine Guidance. The Voice For Love 5-Step Meditation Workshops 11:15 AM to … Continue reading New Class starting April 19th

The Importance of Spiritual Connection

Joel Goldsmith is another of my favorite teachers.  His practice is rooted in a metaphysical interpretation of the teachings of The Bible and he considers Jesus to be a master teacher and mentor.  In Chapter One of The Art of Spiritual Healing, he clearly explains the importance of connecting with your inner wisdom.  He calls it God, but you can substitute any word that resonates with … Continue reading The Importance of Spiritual Connection

Hearing The Voice for Love

Buried within the recesses of your mind is access to a loving guide who will gently reveal “right minded” solutions to every problem you encounter. There is nothing to do or get, it is a question of recognizing who you are being. You simply must have a willingness to join with Holy Spirit and know the truth.
Listening for and hearing the “Voice for God” is a natural gift we all possess.
Receiving guidance and communication from the “Divine” is not a feat reserved for a select few special individuals. The ability to receive communication in the form of daily guidance is our natural state of being.
Hearing this “Voice” that is present within all of us is a process of remembering, an awakening of your divine self. Guidance in the form of a conversational voice is available to all who “open” themselves up to receiving it. Divine guidance is always available to those who choose to “hear.” Continue reading Hearing The Voice for Love