Affirmation: Love and Acceptance

My Affirmation for today I am non-judgemental, compassionate and loving toward everyone. I accept that they’re on their own path and that’s perfectly fine. I love my work and my daily life. I’m so loving! And I have boundaries to respect myself and take care of myself. I shine my light and share my talents with generosity and joy. I am peaceful, joyful and confident … Continue reading Affirmation: Love and Acceptance

Affirmative Prayer of Gratitude for Prosperity

There is only one power, God, the magnificent light and love that created me and all that I experience.  I am one with the mind and magnificence of God…expressing Its love and light into the world. My life is amazing — so beautiful, joy-filled and love-filled.  My work is ecstasy. I love it and I love serving. I am so grateful for my magnificent joy-filled … Continue reading Affirmative Prayer of Gratitude for Prosperity