A Simple Solution for Everything

I take some time every morning to read something uplifting, do a short meditation and have a little “conversation with God,” either in my mind or by writing in my journal.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  Even 5 minutes on awakening, can make a huge difference in how the day goes.  It really works! Make it a great day.  You are … Continue reading A Simple Solution for Everything

New Class starting April 19th

Is it time to move from being just a Spiritual Seeker to being a Spiritual Finder? To advance from a place of intellectual knowing to that of a deeper, more heart-felt experience of God and your True Inner Voice – the Voice for Love?  Learn to more easily access your Inner Wisdom and Divine Guidance. The Voice For Love 5-Step Meditation Workshops 11:15 AM to … Continue reading New Class starting April 19th

Affirmative Prayer: Step 1

Affirmative prayer is a great tool for reminding yourself of the truth of who you are, and the magnificent life that is your birthright.  It also enables you to manifest your heart’s desires.  It’s one of my personal practices and I do the five steps for others as a Religious Science Affirmative Prayer Practitioner (RScP)  Mary focuses on it this week. She doesn’t explain it … Continue reading Affirmative Prayer: Step 1

Accepting God’s Boundless Love for You

Today’s Lesson from A Course in Miracles says it all.  When we know and truly accepted this, our lives will be everything we want them to be — filled with love, peace and joy. Lesson 207 I am not a body. I am free. For I’m still as God created me. I blessed the world because I bless myself. God’s blessing shines upon me from … Continue reading Accepting God’s Boundless Love for You