Affirmation: Love and Acceptance

My Affirmation for today I am non-judgemental, compassionate and loving toward everyone. I accept that they’re on their own path and that’s perfectly fine. I love my work and my daily life. I’m so loving! And I have boundaries to respect myself and take care of myself. I shine my light and share my talents … More Affirmation: Love and Acceptance

Conversation With An Artist

I am a Computer and Gadget Tutor and send out a weekly techie tip.  Last week I talked about artists I have worked with.  When I see info that might be helpful, I email it to them personally.  This is a conversation I had with one of them today. From the artist: Thank you for … More Conversation With An Artist

Be The Presence of The Love That God Is

There is only God.  There has never been a separate me.  There never could have been. There is only this moment in which love can dance, can be celebrated and can be extended. Father, what can we create this day that offers to the world the grace of the good, the holy and the beautiful? … More Be The Presence of The Love That God Is

Turning Toward Love

This is my path…the path of love.  I is my meditation practice each morning to send love to my thoughts until they still, and then I rest in my connection with the vibration of love–my connection with The Beloved, that answers all my questions and guides and directs me. Today’s lesson from Science of Mind … More Turning Toward Love