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Another great perspective from Rev. Christian and Rev. Welda.   I highly recommend this book.

In Joy – Mardi


April 20  Energetic Patterns

Looking out from the fiftieth story of a high-rise, you can see for miles. You are able to see the energy of the day begin and unfold as more and more people appear and fill the streets. If you pay attention, you’ll feel the sense of the collective energy of the masses. You will be able to see any hot spots where an incident may be occurring, whether an accident, parade, or a flash mob scene.

What’s interesting about this perspective is that from this elevated view you can see the unfoldment of the collective energies, but you are not part of them. If you were to drive out of the city, you could choose a route away from the traffic, yet if the parade was something you wanted to be part of, you could enter into that particular scene.

You are also given the opportunity to step above the world you live in and observe the different energetic patterns that are emerging or receding. When you are on the ground level, caught in the collective congestion, it’s easy to believe the experience is the only option. Your peace lies in remembering you always have the ability to step inside and rise above the pull of the crowd to observe your options. You always have a conscious choice to the route you are going to take.

Reflection: Take a few deep breaths, ride the inhalations to a higher state of personal observance, and look out upon your world from an emotionally detached height. Are there any hot spots you may no longer want to be a part of? Is there a new route out of that situation you can take?

Affirmation: I rise above the pull of the collective to live my choices.

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