Remembering The Truth

There is only one power in the universe, a power for all good and only good.
We are magnificent expressions of the love, beauty, intelligence, creativity, and power of the One.
As expressions of the All Good, we know only success, joy, happiness and prosperity.
There is nothing that can stand in the way of our expressing our good for ourselves and others.
We are tuned in to our Higher Wisdom and allow ourselves to follow our bliss, for that is God’s direction within us.
Everything unfolds for our highest good as beloved expressions of the Creator of all.
We relax in faith, knowing that this is the truth. We ignore the noise of the race consciousness and the fears of disconnected souls.
We stay focused on our good and know it is unfolding in perfect right order.
In faith, peace and joy, we release all concern and delight in deep gratitude for the truth of our being and the gift of our magnificent lives.
And so it is!

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