Release and Allow

safe_imageLove this thought from Daily Work and it got me thinking….I Let Go And Open To A New Experience

Why Is it so hard to release?  When the negative effects in our lives are staring us in the face, it’s hard to have faith that there is a greater good for us.  The key is to be able to believe in “the Power that always works for my highest good.”  What does it take for you to get to this belief?  A spiritual mentor? A book?  A class? A religion?  Hypnosis?  Find the tool or vehicle that works for you and believe.  I have friends who are skeptics who say they cannot believe that which they can’t prove.  And I say… you can’t prove that it isn’t true either.  If it relieves stress and makes your life great, who cares if it’s true.  What are you afraid of?  Being wrong?  If you were wrong, but you were stress free and happy, wouldn’t it be a good thing?  Quantum Physics shows us that we affect the physical with our expectations.  As Wayne Dyer said, “you will see it when you believe it.”  So why not believe it?  Try it and see for yourself.  It does work.  And then you will be able to “release” and allow the good that is your birthright to flow into your life.  Have an amazing day.

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