Prayer of Gratitude

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One Power is all there is, Divine Love expressing in me, as me and through me.  I am one with the Presence and aware of it in every moment.  Divinely inspired with creative ideas for expansion of love, peace, joy and prosperity in my the world.

I am rich with love, joy and prosperity.  Everything necessary for the most magnificent expression of my amazing life is mine now.  I experience Heaven on earth and my light of joy shines brightly in the world, inspiring others to step up into the reality of their true natures.  My life is so good, so abundant, so filled with peace and joy.  My heart overflows with gratitude for the blessing of Life as me, as God, as beauty, power, peace, love, light and joy.  I enjoy every moment.  I focus on gratitude and appreciation in every moment and my cup overflows with more and more good.  What a blessing to be here in this incarnation, enjoying my life’s work, my expansion in spiritual awareness, my ever-present connection with my Creator, Divine Love.

With deep gratitude, I release my word to the perfect Law know that it is the Truth of my life in every moment.

And so it is.

Sharing is caring!

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