Prayer of Gratitude for Prosperity

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There is One Power, Divine Love, Source, God.  This power created me in its image and likeness.  I’m vested with all the love, power, and wisdom of the Mind of God in me.

I am a mighty creator of good in the world.  I shine God’s love and light through me, as me.  I create heaven on earth as an emissary of Divine Love.  I see only the good for that is the only power.  I demonstrate only good for that is the only power.  I shine brightly with love, compassion and inspiration with everyone I encounter.  I am a model of unconditional love.  I am patient and kind.  I serve with joy and enhance everyone’s life with God’s gifts expressed through me.  I love my work and enjoy every moment of it.  I am compensated handsomely.  People are thrilled to pay me because they appreciate my help, and the “je ne sais quoi” that they feel in my presence.  They want me to work for them because of the way I make them feel, as much as for the actual work that I do.  Everyone is drawn to me, to the Christ they perceive in me on some level.  My day is full of peace and joy and prosperity.  I am in the flow, divinely guided and directed to my highest good and the highest good for everyone in my experience.  I love depositing all that money in the bank!  I so deserve it and it is God’s gift to me as an expression of God’s love for me as I am connected and creating heaven in the world.  I love watching my retirement fund grow.  I love paying off my credit card balance.  It is happening quickly and easily and joyfully.  Life is so good!  Life is so easy, joy-filled, and prosperity filled.

With deep gratitude and great joy, I release my word to Law, knowing that this is the Truth.  And so it is.  AMEN!

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4 thoughts on “Prayer of Gratitude for Prosperity

  1. Really good to start the day with Mardi! Thank You for your words. I am also remembering
    to enjoy and be grateful for spending money at the grocery store, paying bills, etc. Yahoo!
    Love and hugs, Nancy

  2. Mardi, that is a beautiful prayer. Thank you so much for helping me to meet Tom. We may meet soon but I really do appreciate your going the extra mile to help me. I am sure that you will be richly rewarded. I am blessed to have you as a friend.

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