Podcast #8: DreamBuilder Workshop Pt. 2 Mary’s Story

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Hi, and Welcome to Dream Big & Bloom Podcast #8! 

I’m Mardi Lynn, certified Dream Builder Coach and I teach women over 60 like me, how to Dream Big and Bloom that means to envision what you really want out of life and don’t settle. You can get more details about the program at my website DreamBigAndBloom.com

Although I specialize in helping women over 60 who want more fulfillment, and fun during their retirement years, my program works for everyone. Everyone is welcome here and everyone can benefit from listening to this podcast and doing the practices. 

My intention with this podcast is to inspire you and teach you how to go for what makes your heart sing and create a life you absolutely love.

This podcast is the second in a 3 part series based on my 3 Hour Workshop. And you’re going to learn some foundational principles of the tested, proven, reliable DreamBuilder system and be given some transformational exercises so you can experience the benefits.

In the last episode I told you my story and how my experience has made me so passionate about  and committed to  teaching and coaching with the DreamBuilder System.

I shared an inspiring story about an amazing 104 yr. old man that illustrates a foundational principle of DreamBuilding that you can realize a big dream at any age, under any circumstance, at any stage in life. 

You learned about the transcendentalists, Henry David Thoreau’s experiment 

and the code he discovered that we can use to realize a dream of any magnitude.

To review this is what he wrote  

“I have learned this, at least, by my experiment. That if one advances confidently in the direction of their dream, endeavoring to live the life they are imagining, one passes an invisible boundary  all sorts of things begin to occur that never otherwise would have occurred. One begins to meet with a success unexpected in common hours. New, more universal, more liberal laws begin to establish themselves around this person, or the old laws are rearranged in one’s favor, nevertheless, one begins to live with the license of a higher order of being.” 

And I gave you a few exercises you could do to get started moving in that direction.

So in this episode, as I promised, I’m going to share with you Mary Morrissey’s amazing story the experience that set her on the path of helping so many people turn their dreams into reality. 

Mary’s story demonstrates the power of thought to change our lives for the negative as well as the positive how our thinking can often have devastating consequences and the power of visioning to turn it all around.

You learn that EVERYTHING is created twice — everything is first a thought before it can become a thing. Clearing up your problems and living your dreams, both depend on what you are thinking. 

Here’s Mary’s Story 

Mary grew up in Portland, Oregon. Her Mom and Dad were happily married. She had a great upbringing. She had one sister, eight years older, and she had a high school experience like most young girls dream about. She was class vice-president. she was on the drill team. she had a lead in the junior play, was homecoming princess AND at the end of her junior year in high school she was pregnant. 

Her high school boyfriend had gone off to college for his freshman year came home for spring break and Mary got pregnant. In May she had to tell her mother and father that she was pregnant. Her mother wept for her as if she had died. In her mind, all her dreams for Mary were dying. 

There was a very hasty ten person wedding. And a couple of weeks later Mary told one of her trusted high school teachers that she was now married and pregnant. The next thing she knew the principal of the high school, called her into his office and said “So is it true? Are you married and pregnant?” She said “Well yes I am.” He said ‘Well Mary  you have great academics and terrific honors, but I need to let you know that you will not be allowed to return here for your senior year in high school. It would be inappropriate for a pregnant girl to get mixed in with the normal girls.” This was back in 1966. 

Then he followed that with saying, “But we do have a place for people like you. It’s a high school. It’s not held during daylight hours. It’s after dark. It’s across the river.” 

This was actually in a part of Portland Mary hadn’t been allowed to even drive in after dark and it’s the place where the pregnant girls and the delinquent boys went to high school. So you can see the thinking of that era.  

Anyway, the next fall Mary drives across the river to the other side of Portland and parks her car in this part of the city  and she’s walking up to this big building, which is a normal high school during the day and Washington Evening High School for the pregnant girls and the delinquent boys at night. As she’s walking up to the school she’s thinking every girl here, either has a baby or is pregnant  and every guy here is some kind of delinquent. This is my new student body!

Her son was born during the winter of that time at Washington Evening High School and by May she had graduated.  In July she was in an intensive care ward at Portland Adventist Hospital having been diagnosed with fatal kidney disease. 

The tests said that one kidney was totally destroyed with nephritis. The other kidney had fifty percent destruction and active nephritis. 

She was told that if they could get the blood toxin level in her body reduced enough so that she could sustain a surgery to remove the right kidney, then maybe she would have six months to live. 

So here she is, her mother is watching her seven month old son, and she’s in intensive care and has just been told that the best shot she’s got is maybe six months. And she’s feeling devastated and desperate. 

As Mary tells it, the God of her upbringing was not really a friendly place to go when you felt like you had really messed up. she didn’t have a faith practice. she didn’t have a higher power to turn to that she really felt reliant upon or that she felt would be responsive to her.  

Finally the surgery was scheduled and the night before about ten o’clock that night  a woman walked in her room who identified herself as a chaplain in the hospital who was offering prayer with people who were going to have surgery the next day. 

She asked Mary if she wanted someone to pray with her. Mary was scared and so she said yes. The woman came over and stood next to the bed where Mary was laying and then she pulled up a chair and sat down. She didn’t begin with prayer. She began by saying, “So would you be willing to tell me what’s been going on in your life the last year or two?”

Now this was before the idea of the mind/body connection was in the common nomenclature. This was 1967. There had been no mind body connection book on the bestseller list. There had been nothing in Newsweek. You know that later there would be front page articles and cover articles about the mind-body connection. There would be a mind body clinic at Harvard Teaching Hospital. All of this would emerge but in 1967 it was very difficult to even find information about how our thinking affects what happens not only in our physical body but in the outcomes of our life. Most people had no idea of this.  

So when the Chaplain asked Mary to tell her her story, Mary did, because she was so scared. She told her what had been going on in her life the last couple of years. At the end of which the Chaplain looked at her very compassionately, looked in Mary’s eyes and said “Everything is created twice.”

Mary had a quizzical look on her face. “What do you mean?”

Then she said “The bed you are lying on, the nightgown you are wearing, the sheet covering you, the carpet, the floor, the ceiling, the walls, all this machinery, everything was first a thought before it could become a thing.”

Then she looked at Mary and said “You know this. You just don’t know the power of knowing this.” Then she said, “I hear how much you love your little boy but I also hear how much you’ve been hating yourself. You feel like you’ve shamed yourself, shamed your school, and shamed your family.  Now that you are considering the connection between thought and result, cause and effect that everything that is experienced first began in thought  everything that is created  first began in thought could you consider the possibility that there could be some relationship between this toxic thinking and the toxicity that’s in your body that is actually threatening your life?” Well, this was a brand new idea to Mary.


Is this a brand new idea to you? Or should I say, do you accept this as true? If not, I’d love to know why.  Perhaps you will share in the comments.   

While some part of Mary thought this made sense  she had no way to really validate this at that time. 

Then the Chaplain said to Mary, “In this universe, this uni-verse, (uni for one, verse for voice) there is one presence, one power, one life. It is ever seeking a freer, fuller, more expanded expression of itself and that’s happening in your life right now.  The toxicity that’s in your body can be released because it can be released in your mind.

In this universe  there is this exquisite  precise  balance and perfection. The mathematical precision with which everything is balanced  is so precise that even one trillionth of a trillionth millimeter difference in the balance of our solar system would cause the whole thing to blow apart.  That intelligence is at work right now. It’s everywhere present.

Could you believe it’s possible that if you were to align with that precision that is at work in you  that your whole body could actually respond to that and in the morning  the doctors would tell you that you don’t need surgery. You can get up and go home you are fine?”

She said, “Could you believe that that is possible?” Mary told her the truth  and the truth for her at that moment was no, she did not think that was going to happen for her. Mary believed way more in her pain in that moment than in the possibility.

She believed a whole lot more in the minor deities  the MD’s  than what she would later call the Major Deity.  She knew a minor deity when she saw one  because they had MD at the end of their name and therefore whatever they said was gospel to her. If they said it, it had to be true. 

So then the Chaplain said, “Ok  How about this? If you can’t believe you can be totally healed, then how about this could you believe it’s possible that everything that is the genesis of this problem is either in the kidney that is going to get removed or could be swept into the kidney that’s going to get removed so that when that kidney is removed from you so is the problem?  Could you believe that?” 

Mary didn’t really know what to believe but she could tell the Chaplain believed it, and that was the first time she ever consciously chose to believe in someone else’s belief, someone who had a higher domain of believing. So she looked at her and said “Well I don’t know if it’s possible or even probable, but I am open to it.”

The Chaplain said, “Ok. That’s all we need is one corner of your mind open to the possibility. Let’s work with that.”

Now this was before Talbot had written the Holographic Universe, before we understood how a higher domain thought always takes precedence over lower frequency thoughts. We didn’t know anything about that. But she said all we need is a corner of your mind open to the possibility. 

And that’s what I’m inviting you to do right now — is to give a corner of your mind open to the possibility that there is much more in you and for you than you have known and that by applying these simple principles and practices over a period of time that you really can build a field of your dreams. Absolutely.  

Mary said, “ok” and the Chaplain said, “Then let’s pray.”

Mary didn’t hear bells ring. The hair on her neck didn’t stand up, but she must have relaxed because the next morning  when she woke up  she realized that she had slept all night without waking. she hadn’t been able to do that in weeks because she’d been in so much pain. 

AND  after the doctors did the surgery they told her and her family that the one kidney was indeed destroyed with nephritis. They had removed it. AND  the other kidney didn’t look as bad as they would have expected with fifty percent destruction but time would tell. 

And time DID tell Instead of getting worse  Mary got better.  Within a few days she was heading home And she continued to get better.. and better and better. 

Even at a young eighteen years old that had caught Mary’s attention. Something was going on she was a part of something. And she became like a thirsty sponge for all the information she could find in the field of metaphysics philosophy..psychology  and science  to discover how it works in the universe  that everything really is created twice.  

And Mary has spent the last thirty-five years in what she calls the laboratory called life  searching for these principles, studying these principles, getting degrees in the application of these principles.  She got an undergraduate degree in education, a masters degree in counseling psychology, became an ordained minister, received an honorary doctorate in humane letters, she’s written a couple of books and she’s spoken to thousands and thousands of people all around the world. 

She has envisioned dreams, set intentions and applied these principles to the intentions and dreams of her heart. She’s manifested many opportunities as a result of applying those principles. 

  • Like being invited to meet with His Holiness the Dalai Lama which was a dream she had. 
  • And meeting with Nelson Mandela
  • speaking at the United Nations, and
  • Hanging out with Kenny Loggins. 

And so, I’m hoping that Mary’s story will inspire you to consider any possibility. Just open yourself up to the possibility that your imagination is a gift and that there is a place inside of you that is undaunted by circumstance. It’s not controlled by your history. It’s not defined by anything you’ve ever believed about yourself, and it’s absolutely available right now use it  consider all the unlimited possibilities for your life.

DreamBuilding starts with our thinking. Everything is created twice, first it must be a thought before it can ever become a thing. 

And negative thoughts and beliefs will manifest also. 

So the first step in DreamBuilding is to have a vision. You need to have a focus a vision to keep you “advancing confidently in the direction of your dream” and to activate that “higher order of being” that Thoreau discovered. 

Wallace Wattles wrote a great book called The Science of Getting Rich back in 1910! It was a major inspiration for Rhonda Byrne’s movie and best selling book, “The Secret.”

The ideas in it are also foundational to the DreamBuilder Program.  I highly recommend it and I’ll put a link in the show notes.

Wattles said that “thinking is the hardest work in the world, that’s why most people don’t do it.”    Of course he meant, focusing your thinking, getting control of that committee in your mind that tries to dissuade you. 

Focusing on your vision is the secret to manifesting a life you would absolutely love.

• Are you ready? 

• Are you ready to grow, to expand, and to have more? 

• Are you ready to use your thoughts to define your dream? 

Your Assignment For The Week

If you are, then your assignment for this week  should you choose to accept it is to begin to explore this question: what is the life you would love to live?  What would you love to be, to do, to give, to create?  If time weren’t a restriction, if education weren’t a restriction, if money, who you knew, age, all the many things that often build what we call a paradigm that blocks you, gives your power to the conditions you’ve known  and defines the possibilities you can or cannot have. 

If none of those were present for you  what would you love?  What would you love to be  or do  or create  to construct in your life. And you’ll begin to see the magic.

And by the way It’s common for many people to have difficulty remembering how to dream. It’s not encouraged when we grow up and it’s not encouraged in society at large. in fact it seems like we are thwarted all the time.

If that’s the case for you  there’s another way to get in touch with what you would really love.  Pay attention to your longing and discontent. That’s a way for you to connect with your higher self that’s nudging you to expand, grow and to have and be more.

Think about what would be the antidote to your longing and discontent.   In your journal or on a notepad, put a vertical line down the middle of a page and on one side make a list of things you are longing for and discontented about and on the other side write down what you would love instead. 

I’m eager to know how this works for you and would love it if you would post in the comments on my blog or on Facebook.

In my next podcast, I’m going to lead you through a powerful visioning exercise that will give you clarity on what you would love so you can successfully create it. 

Ways To Share And Connect With Me

If you are raring to go and don’t want to wait, sign up for my free video training at DreamBigAndBloom.com. The exercise is in there. I’ll put the link in the show notes.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or epiphanies you’d like to share post them in the comments on the blog page for this podcast at DreamBigAndBloom.com 

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The transcript for this podcast, the practice assignment, and links to other things mentioned are posted below.

Time Machine

I hope you’ve found this helpful and that you will join me next week for The Time Machine Visioning Exercise.

Now, as you go, remember There’s a power within you greater than any circumstance, situation or condition and you can use it to create a life you absolutely love living!

Thanks for listening and I hope you’ll tune in again next week.

Bye for now!

Free Video Training with the Time Machine Visioning Exercise https://dreambigandbloom.com/training120393

Link to last episode https://dreambigandbloomblog.com/2020/09/22/podcast-6-dreambuilder-workshop-pt-1/ 

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles https://archive.org/stream/TheScienceOfGettingRich.pdf/the_science_of_getting_rich_djvu.txt

The Secret by Rhona Byrne https://www.thesecret.tv/the-secret-documentary/

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot https://www.amazon.com/Holographic-Universe-Revolutionary-Theory-Reality/dp/0062014102

Facebook Group: Women Over 60 Seeking More https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenover60seekingmore 

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