Peace on Earth is A Gift of God to Be Received

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From Joel Goldsmith, Awakening Mystical Consciousness:

Peace on earth will not be attained by human efforts alone.  Peace on earth is a gift of God that must be received by persons within the temple of their own being.

We can know by our own peaceableness, by our own inability to war with one another, to what degree the Christ has entered our Soul, to what degree we have received the gift of God, His son.  The Christ raised up in the midst of us is the gift of God.  If we have not yet received It in sufficient degree, it is still possible.  The way is within us. The way is introspection, meditation, inner communion, and recognition that the son of God dwells in us and is ready at all times to speak to us.  In fact, It is speaking to us even when we do not hear It.  It has been thundering down at us through the ages.

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