Meditation #1 What is a Spiritual Mind Treatment?

A Spiritual Mind Treatment for living a life I love today A “Spiritual Mind Treatment” is a form of prayer that connects us with universal spiritual principles and trains our minds into ways of thinking that create the magnificent lives we were designed to live. It treats the mind for any unhealthy thinking like a … More Meditation #1 What is a Spiritual Mind Treatment?

When Will You “Have the Time” in 2020?

As you thought about making resolutions for the New Year, did you find yourself saying this? “Someday, when I’ve got the time…” That thought is one of the most common methods our paradigm (our habitual programming) uses to dissuade us from pushing the boundaries of our current life. Whenever we are on the “green growing … More When Will You “Have the Time” in 2020?

Veterans Day Gratitude

We can honor all Veterans by not taking freedom for granted. We can honor them by taking full advantage of all the opportunities they have fought for.

Honoring you dreams and living your best life, honors our Veterans”s by proving that their sacrifices are worthwhile.

And living from a state of gratitude today and every day is one of the keys to creating a happier and more fulfilling and abundant life. … More Veterans Day Gratitude