Open up the way to happiness and peace

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enjoying a sunset as a form of meditation

We “open up the way” to happiness and peace by doing a daily practice.

One very effective daily practice is A Course In Miracles Workbook because it requires practice throughout the day.  Today it was every hour.  I have the ACIM app on my iPhone that reminds me of the daily lesson at the prescribed intervals.  Even though I don’t pause for every reminder, it does keep me more focused than otherwise.

I particularly enjoyed Lesson 98 today.  Here is an excerpt:

Each hour today give Him your tiny gift of but five minutes. He will give the words you use in practicing today’s idea the deep conviction and the certainty you lack. His words will join with yours, and make each repetition of today’s idea a total dedication, made in faith as perfect and as sure as His in you. His confidence in you will bring the light to all the words you say, and you will go beyond their sound to what they really mean. Today you practice with Him, as you say:

I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.

In each five minutes that you spend with Him, He will accept your words and give them back to you all bright with faith and confidence so strong and steady they will light the world with hope and gladness. Do not lose one chance to be the glad receiver of His gifts, that you may give them to the world today.

Give Him the words, and He will do the rest. He will enable you to understand your special function. He will open up the way to happiness, and peace and trust will be His gifts; His answer to your words. He will respond with all His faith and joy and certainty that what you say is true. And you will have conviction then of Him Who knows the function that you have on earth as well as Heaven. He will be with you each practice period you share with Him, exchanging every instant of the time you offer Him for timelessness and peace.


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