Notice What You Are Noticing

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Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions this year?

Perhaps you have a goal you’d like to achieve, or some area of your life you are planning to improve this year – with your health, in a relationship, or a financial situation? 

I recently heard a startling statistic that two-thirds of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions within a month! 

A study from the UK has found that about two-thirds of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions within a month.

But here’s what I know about you. No matter what the goal, no matter how big of a challenge it might feel like to you, no matter how long an old result has been in place – YOU absolutely have the power to create the exact results you would love to have in your life

The Solution

So for this first week of the new year, I thought I would share a powerful DreamBuilder practice called, “Notice What You Are Noticing.” 

When you think of your dream, notice that part of you that thinks “HECK YA!” Pay attention to that feeling for a minute. 

Now, do you notice a nagging part of you that says, “YA RIGHT!! Who do you think you are? You don’t have what it takes. WHAT IF YOU FAIL AGAIN?” 

These are patterns of thinking (paradigms) that are trying to pull you back to your comfort zone. A paradigm does this in three ways. We DreamBuilders call them the 3 D’s. 

1. The first D stands for Distraction. 

“I got home from work late, so I’ll put off my run.”

2. The second D is Dissuasion.

“It’s alright. I deserve a break. Besides, I’m not seeing results anyway, so it’s not worth the effort.”

3. The third D is DEFCON.

This is when a sense of fear and anxiety sets in, often with physical symptoms and it can lead to giving up on a dream altogether.

It’s not a matter of IF the 3 D’s are coming, but WHEN. They WILL show up. And they will continue to show up even as you get better at creating the life you love. 

Good News!

However, this is actually GOOD NEWS! It means that you are growing and your life is shifting. So, there is no reason to fear your paradigm. 

How To Keep Moving Forward

Then how do we empower the part of us that wants to move forward when we are hearing that voice that wants us to play small? 

“Where your attention goes, energy flows.”

When you notice your paradigm showing up – in whatever form it shows up, and you start thinking small, here is what you do…

Interrupt that thought, and say “NOT TODAY!” and then reconnect with your vision. Refocus your mind on your dream! Focus on what you would LOVE — that dream that brings you ALIVE. Put the fear out of your mind and bring your DREAM into your mind.

Take Action

And then – this is the key, take an action step. Maybe just stand up a little taller, take a deep breath and feel like that person who is living your best life. Maybe look in a mirror and give yourself a high five.

I invite you to practice “Noticing What You’re Noticing” this week.  “Practice makes permanent.” You will love the results.

Trust The Process

Remember that resistance from your primitive brain and your subconscious programming is normal. Be patient with yourself, and trust the process and NEVER GIVE UP! 

Make It Fun

I know how challenging it can be to re-pattern those old paradigms, but I also know it’s possible. It’s not only possible, it can be fun!  Treat it like a game and be amused at the excuses that come up. 

Thousands of women, including me, have experienced success using these practices from the proven, reliable DreamBuilder system.

Share Your Wins

Share YOUR results with us in the comments.

Here’s to creating the life you would absolutely love this year!

X O Mardi

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