New Class Starting in Palm Desert

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A new class is starting in Palm Desert on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 PM.  For location or more information call  707-391-3023.  The class is offered on a love offering basis.  If you are interested in a noon class, please let me know.

This class offers you an opportunity to actively practice The Voice for Love process, as taught by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle.  See

We practice going within, joining with the Presence of Love that we are, and receiving Inner Guidance, Communication, and Understanding so we can integrate this way of being into our daily lives.

Depending upon your own spiritual background or belief system, this class will be about hearing God, God’s Voice, or the Holy Spirit; or about accessing your Inner Voice, your Higher Self, or your Inner Wisdom.

We personally see no distinction between; God, Source, Pure Being, Father, Mother, Peace, Love, Joy, Highest Self, True Self, Universal Mind, Cosmic Consciousness, or Universal Intelligence.  Even though the concept of the Trinity is used as a framework to guide people in hearing this Voice within them, the framework of the Trinity eventually dissolves into the Truth and these simple lines of distinction melt away.

Class length is usually 1 ½ to 2 hours

We spend the first half developing the understanding and foundation necessary to actively practice the process.
Participants, who have practiced the exercises from the prior classes, may share their experiences.

The second half of the class is experiential and offers all participants the opportunity to go through the Doyle’s 5-Setp Process, seek guidance and communication, and share their experiences.

Because there are so many ways to hear God’s Voice, we practice hearing this Presence within us in a variety of ways, including silence, feeling, visualization, knowingness, signs, books, TV, writing and speaking out loud.  Each of these ways of hearing our Inner Voice plays an important overall role in experiencing this Voice in our daily life. It is beneficial to spend time practicing various ways of hearing so you become more comfortable with hearing God’s Voice in many different ways, not solely in the quiet of meditation or in only one specific way.

Participants are encouraged to seek general communication or ask a specific question(s) during these practice periods. The intention one holds when going within, opens the door to receiving communication, guidance, or insight, even if the intention is as open-ended as, “What would you have me know today?”

The purpose of the class is to for you to experience this internal connection for yourself.  You may learn some new thoughts and belief systems along the way:  the ideas that God is not a separate entity, that we are expressions of God in the world, and that our Right-Mind is the Holy Spirit. It may take some time to digest and validate them with your experience; but, the more fully we are able to BE the Voice for God in the world, the deeper we experience these concepts as a living Reality.

However, it is not necessary for you to share the same belief systems or understanding of the material. This work is not about teaching new belief systems. It’s about empowering and supporting you in finding your own Internal Teacher so you can discover your own truths for living in the world.

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