My Day Flows With Ease & Joy

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There is only One Power, God, Divine Love, All-Providing, All-Knowing and everywhere present.

I am an expression of Divine Love in the world.

I shine my love and light through my work and my personal interactions.

I am patient and kind.  I do all that I can and I release the rest.

I respect others’ paths.  I let go and allow them their lessons.

I have peace and serenity.  I have the power to change the things I can. I release the things I can’t and I have the wisdom to know the difference.

My life is full and rich and wonderful and I am so grateful.

I approach this day with peace and faith that I am guided to do and say the right things for everyone’s highest good in each moment.

I walk in The Presence and everything flows with ease and joy.

With deep, deep gratitude for my amazing life in Spirit, I release and let go, knowing this is the truth.

For so it is!

Sharing is caring!

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