Memorial Day 2023

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photo of a military cemetery with rows and rows of headstones and american flags to honor them on Memorial Day 2023

On this memorial day 2023, I am filled with deep gratitude for the thousands of brave souls who have made great sacrifices for my freedom and I am inspired to take action.

  1. I pause to remember with love those who died and their families and friends who miss them. 
  2. I express my appreciation to the veterans who are still with us by thanking them for their service.
  3. And I reaffirm my commitment to creating a world that works for everyone by teaching the DreamBuilder system that empowers people to manifest everything they desire in spite of circumstances situations, conditions or other people. 

All people are living expressions of The Infinite. Peace and prosperity is our  birthright. There are plenty of resources for everyone and when everyone realizes this and learns how to use the tools for manifesting their dreams, war will not be required. 

How are you observing Memorial Day? Let me know in the comments section below.

Here’s to peace and prosperity and freedom for all!

Much love


Sharing is caring!

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