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We all experience fear in certain situations.  Our “hot buttons” get pushed.  But these challenges are a gift–an opportunity to realize the truth of who we really are and to prove it. That is the true meaning of healing.  With time and experience, our living in this awareness becomes more consistent and our lives flow with ease and grace.  This is the reward Mastery.  The first step is to believe in the possibility, the second is to set our intention to change.  The third is to learn how to hear the Voice for Love that will guide you to Mastery in the way that is uniquely suited to your needs.   It’s an exciting and rewarding process and the results are amazing.  That’s why it’s my mission to mentor others by teaching the 5 Steps to Hearing The Voice for Love.  Private sessions and classes are now available.  See me for details.

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Creating Mastery  The Way of Mastery p. 122

Mastery comes when fear has been completely dissolved.  Fear is dissolved not by fearing it, not by hating it, not by judging it.  But by being looked upon with perfect innocence.  Embraced in the same way that a scientist would watch the ripples of a little pebble that has been dropped into a pool of water to see how they have created other ripples and other temporary disturbances in the field or the surface of the water.

As you look within and notice the things you have become afraid of and how fear has constricted your creativity, your joy, your playfulness and your unlimitedness, you merely look with innocence and wonder and say, “Oh, I see how that ripple has affected the creation that I call my life.  Do I like I?  Not anymore.  Good!  I think I’ll be rid of that.  What can I replace it with.?”

Mastery is a state in which you have embraced yourself as a ceaseless creator and assumed complete responsibility for everything that comes into the field of your awareness without judging it, so that you can simply decide whether it is going to stay or be dissolved in its effects.  Mastery is fearlessness.  That is, you no longer fear the infinite, creative power of your perfect union with God.  “I and my Father are one!” is one expression of mastery.

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  1. xolente Mardi !! Exactly what I have been experiencing. I am buying a house Yeay!
    My bank keeps wanting $7500 down, no other options. I have no idea how this would happen. I watched this ripple for a few minutes and then I thought ” there is an answer- I will
    focus on that fact.” Today I was referred to a direct lender who has pre qualified me for
    100% financing, no down payment and a silent 2nd to take care of the closing costs. I am
    so happy.

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