Making Buying Decisions

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Have you ever felt regret about buying something?

Think about this:

Were you following your heart or “that other voice” — the voice that says you “should” or “what will people think”?

Were you relying on guidance from a friend or relative who doesn’t think like you do — who doesn’t share your core values?

Did you feel at peace about the purchase?
Did you have that feeling of calm confidence — of “yes, this feels right” or did you have some niggling doubts?
Did you feel fulfilled, happy and grateful or did you feel like you settled?

If you didn’t follow your heart, have no regrets. There are no mistakes, only lessons. You have learned a valuable lesson or, perhaps, you were reminded of a of a lesson you had forgotten.  It’s all good!

You supported a lot of people who benefited from your purchase.
There is plenty more money in circulation for you to have, to give and to spend.
This is your curriculum in prosperity.

Forgive yourself, release any negative thoughts about it and move on.

There is a law of circulation, just as there is a law of electricity. You are in flow of unlimited abundance as long as you don’t put a kink in the hose by shutting out your inner guidance system — that still small voice — that feeling in your gut.

You have learned your lesson now.  Next time you will wait on making buying decisions until it feels just right.

Here are some Dream Builder tools to help you make financial decisions.
Ask better questions.
What would I really, really love?
Does this light me up?
What do I need to know regarding this purchase decision?

Love yourself and your journey. You are a shining light and such a gift to the world. You deserve all the best.

You are blessed.
You are always guided and directed to your highest good. Lean into it.
Enjoy the many blessings you have today.
Be happy, be peaceful, be the love that you are.

Have an amazing and wonderful day!

Sharing is caring!

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