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To kick off the new year, I’ve shared 3 of the 10 steps in the Dream Builder Program.

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Let’s quickly review what we’ve covered:

1. You’ve learned that there’s a language, and a system for success and when you use it, your results will naturally manifest.

2, You’ve learned Principle #1: Designing Your Dream. You must have a blueprint for what you want in order to achieve it, and the clearer your blueprint the more access you have to the power to make it real.

3. You’ve learned Principle #2: The Power of Decision. You must decide for the thing you want in the absence of knowing how. It might be inconvenient and uncomfortable but you do it anyway. Like Judy did with her home.

4. And you’ve learned Principle #3: Befriending Your Fear. You realize now that fear and failure are prerequisites for success. You must befriend your fear, focus on your dream and keep taking baby steps in order to achieve your dreams.

Are you convinced now that mastering these principles would support you in realizing your dreams?

Researchers have found the actions that have the greatest probabilities of you completing your goals:

  • Having an idea or goal: 10% likely to complete the goal
  • Consciously deciding that you will do it: 25%
  • Deciding when you will do it: 40%
  • Planning how to do it: 50%
  • Committing to someone that you will do it: 65%
  • Having a specific accountability appointment with someone you’ve committed to: 95%

Isn’t that amazing?!

I hope you will make the commitment to yourself and enroll in the DreamBuilder Program. Think of it as a beautiful gift you are giving yourself because you deserve to be happy. You will get the accountability you need to master your thinking and create the amazing life you are meant to have.

Looking forward to meeting you on the inside!

Much love,


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