Make Your Affirmations Work

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When we want to bring more good into our lives or to feel good more of the time, we often use affirmations like, “I am fabulously wealthy.” “I am joyfully happy.” “I am effortlessly attractive.”However, when you say your affirmations, do you really believe them?  Say one of your affirmations and notice the thoughts or feelings that come up.  Is a part of your mind arguing that it isn’t true?  This exercise will let you know your true beliefs about it.

It’s critically important that you really believe your affirmations, because they aren’t going to come true until your neurology gets comfortable with the idea.

If you want to be persistently happy, you will you will need to find a way to develop faith that your affirmation is true.  There are many ways to do this.  You can use purely mental reasoning like logical arguments; you can investigate scientific research; or you can use more intangible methods like spiritual beliefs and practices.  I personally use a spiritual belief system, but I know that everything works, because there is a Universal Law that “it is done unto you as you believe.”

If you would like assistance in finding the belief system that will work best for you, call me for a complimentary consultation.  707-391-3023

Sharing is caring!

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