Love and Relationships

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I love this perspective on relationships from “The Way of Mastery.”

“Holy relationship is when any two have looked within and found no lack, and therefore choose to join to create, to make happy.”
If any two have looked within and found no lack, they have seen that there is only God.  Who cares whether this body-mind goes there or this one goes over there?  It is all the same.  Where do you feel like playing, that is all.

And when you see your brother or sister say, “I am moving from this location to that location,” the awakened mind says, “Oh, this is a part o f my Self wanting to go live in Cleveland now—perfectly fine.”  For the enlightened mind gives perfect freedom to all beings because it sees that the expression of all beings is the freedom of its own Self, of the One Mind which is God, showing up as that being who would rather take the body-mind to Cleveland instead of living in Florida.

When the lover awakens at three in the morning and says, “I now need to move to a monastery and live in perfect silence in a solitary cell, I will never see you again,” the totally enlightened mind receives that and smiles.  For that enlightened mind knows that the lover can never truly leave because separation is unreal.  Therefore, the enlightened mind allows all things, trusts all things, embraces all things and transcends all things.  There is only God.  And you are That.  You are as I Am.

The only question, left, then is: Who do you want to play with?  Who do you want to play with—knowers of God or knowers of fear?  They are all God.  And yet in that play and display of creation, you are free to decide who you will play with, who you will dance with, who you will create with, and what you will create.

As any mind awakens to itself as God, it becomes more and more interested only in being with others who are like-minded.  It can no longer tolerate unenlightenment.  Why?  Because it is not as much fun.  It is not as loving.  And God is but Love.

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