Are You Longing for More Prosperity?

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Are you longing for more prosperity in your life but don’t believe you can have it?

Or have you been working diligently to create it but without success?

If so, that’s probably due to experiences in your early life that have created subconscious negative beliefs about money.

These beliefs can run your life because they are undetected in the background of your mind, subtly undermining your efforts to create greater wealth.

After 40+ years of studying and practicing prosperity principles I was so happy to find the proven, reliable DreamBuilder method for changing my thinking and changing my life.  We really can live better, richer lives!

Common Limiting Beliefs About Prosperity

Some examples of the most common limited beliefs I’ve seen include:

  • “I don’t deserve more money when others have so little.”
  • “Rich people are greedy and selfish.”
  • “My family wasn’t rich, so I can’t be either.”
  • “I’m too busy to make more money.”
  • “You have to work hard to make money.”
  • “I just want to help people. I don’t care about the money.”
  • “It’s more important to be happy than to be rich.”

Are any of those familiar?

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The sneaky thing about these limiting beliefs is that they masquerade as helpers. They pretend to be helping us, by keeping us safe, making sure we’re good, moral people, dedicated to helping others.

The truth is…they keep us stuck and prevent us from living our best lives.

A Powerful Practice for More Prosperity

Here is a powerful practices from the DreamBuilder Program that will really help you:

Divide a piece of paper into two columns and on one side, list the negative beliefs that you have — the limiting messages you hear all the time.

In the other column, write down an opposite, positive statement or message that you can believe.

Throughout the day, notice what you are thinking and whenever an old, limiting belief surfaces, stop and tell yourself the new belief. Then refocus on your vision for prosperity and take a step in that direction.

The Value of Having a Coach

Image of Mardi on a Zoom call - representing a Strategy Session for people who want more information about  the DreamBuilder Program

You may need a coach to help you see those sneaky limiting thoughts that you can’t see on our own, and to remind you to USE the proven methods for reprogramming these beliefs.

If you are longing for more financial freedom and prosperity, and feeling stuck, I encourage you to book a complementary strategy session with me. We’ll get clear on where you are now, where you would like to be and the next best step you can take to create the abundant life you deserve.

You don’t don’t have to settle or stay stuck. It’s your birthright to be prosperous, secure, and free.

Let’s talk.

Much love to you

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