Living My Dream…

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Greetings from Sedona!

I have been working toward my dream of being a full-time digital nomad. I converted my passenger van into a campervan, made several long distance trips and now I’m heading out to live my dream full- time. I thought you might like to see a video clip from my journal.

It has taken me a long time to get up the courage to be on camera and to tackle the learning curve of shooting and editing videos. As you will see, I still have a lot to learn! LOL

However, as a passionate DreamBuilder Coach, I practice what I preach. And I preach. Don’t I!  I stay focused on the vision of the things I desire, keep taking baby steps and am rewarded with joy and fulfillment. 

The more we succeed, the more confident we become. That’s what we mean when we say “it’s who you become in the process that is the greatest benefit.”

I won’t lie, it isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can be very challenging and frustrating — wrestling with technology, weather and basic survival needs. 

However the dreambuilder practices totally work to 

It’s such a great way to live!

How about you? Do you have a bodacious (and maybe even a little scary) dream that you are working on or that you would love to create? I would love to hear about it. And I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just post in the comments. 

I hope you will enjoy my little video, in spite of all its “warts and wrinkles.” LOL 

Here’s to living “happy, rich and free,” — whatever that means for you.!



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