Keep A True Lent

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This year, I’m making a study of the Bible.  I started a study plan to read it through once in 90 days with the intention of going into more depth after I had completed the  overview.  However, I was finding it unfulfilling.   I decided to look at it from a metaphysical perspective through the work of Charles Fillmore, Co-Founder with his wife Myrtle Fillmore, of Unity.  I have always been curious to know how  Fillmore arrived at his metaphysical interpretation of the Bible.  To this end, I am reading his The Mysteries of Genesis and, since it is the season of Lent, Keep a True Lent.  Perhaps my insights will be of value to you in your spiritual work.

It is vitally important to not only read for understanding, but to have a practice.  As I always tell my students, “It’s all about the practice!!!”

My practice, in addition to meditating and communing with the Voice for God, is to to choose quotes on which to focus.  I post them around the house where I will see them and I put them in my smart phone to review during the day.

This is is my quotation from today’s reading of “Chapter 1, of Keep A True Lent, “The Way To Perfection”.

Know that the Holy Spirit is filling your being with its illuminating, resurrecting power and that the all-knowing One shines in you as it did in Jesus and that you manifest greater and greater spiritual understanding.

The resurrection of Jesus takes place in us each time we rise to the realization of the perpetual in-dwelling life that connects us with the Father.

Know the truth, hear God’s Voice and have an amazing day!

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