Joy is Contagious

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Smile, and the whole world smiles with you!  A baby chortling with glee can bring smiles to a whole room of people.  In the same way, sharing your joy can lift the hearts of those around you.  Simply walking around in your bliss makes you a magnet for joy and a generator of joy.  Your mental atmosphere colors the atmosphere of an entire room—the entire world, and can transform gloom and doom into hope and joy.  Joy is contagious and when it is shared, it multiplies.

How do you get to joy?  Remember who you are—a magnificent expression of the joy of the Creator, of Divine Love.  Focus on your many blessings and the beauty of our planet.  You you will feel your vibration lift.  In the presence of light, darkness disappears, so in the presence of joy, everything unlike love and joy disappears.

Walk in joy.  Walk in the light.  And watch it spread and multiply.


Sharing is caring!

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