I See Innocence and Love

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An Affirmative Prayer for A Course In Miracles Lesson 78

As I speak these words in the first person, know them as the truth for you also, because we are all one.

There is only one power, God, Divine Love.
I am one with the love and power of God.

I see with the eyes of God.
I look beyond the body and any race consciousness to see innocence and love.
This brings me great joy and happiness.

I hold no grievances or judgment.
The Light of God is all that I see.
This brings me happiness. This brings me salvation.
I have risen above the thinking of the world to see the Love that is eternally there behind sad stories of separate bodies.
I have let miracles replace all grievances.

I choose to see the Light,
I choose to see the Light in my brothers and sisters.
I choose to see the innocence.
I feel such happiness because I look past the images of what “should” be.
I experience the joy of feeling the link of Love that joins us in the heart of God.
I experience this and the joy that comes with it.

I consistently share the Holy Spirit’s vision and experience the peace and joy of God.
My brothers and sisters offer me the perfect opportunities.
I have forgiven myself for past thoughts separation.
I remember the unity I share with all that is real.
Miracles replace all grievances.

With deep, deep gratitude and great joy I release these words of truth, knowing that it is so.  For so it is.  Amen.

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