I Remember Who I Am

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I remember who I am.  Recognizing the truth reminds me that I am Divine Love’s expression.  I am filled with gratitude and reconnected with my power. I am filled with gratitude for the gift of life as Divine Love expressing as me.  I am love, light, wisdom, joy, intelligence and power.

I consciously shift my thoughts to the truth.  I am loved and empowered as an expression of Source.

I am a divine being with magnificent gifts to express.  I step into the infinite possibilities of today.  I use the creative process of The One Mind.  I follow my inner guidance which is the wisdom of Divine Love expressing as me.  I allow Love and Truth to permeate my thoughts.  I choose joy and experience life as a great gift and blessing.

In deep joy and gratitude, I release and allow all good to flow, knowing that this is the truth of my being.  For so it is.

Sharing is caring!

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